Unlicensed Medicines Strategy, Branding and Promotional Materials

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BRIEF: Get Creative Marketing (GCM) were commissioned by Martindale Pharma (MDP) to consult on the Sales and Business strategy for the Unlicensed Medicines business and design the new brandingo, campaign imagery and promotional materials to aid the Sales team when promoting their new range of Unlicensed Medicines.
RESULT: GCM conducted a full market audit that outlined the current Unlicensed Medicines market environment, opportunity and operational activities required to take market share from MDP's competitors. The outcome of this plan was the creation of the Enhanced Range, a portfolio of commonly ordered unlicensed medicines manufactured and supplied on an enhanced platform that boasted additional attractive customer benefits (improved safety and quality). GCM next step was to create an invigorating brand that would clearly articulate the Enhanced Range concept and produce campaign imagery for all promotional material. The end result, a clear strategy, that gave birth to a memorable brand with powerful campaign imagery which was utilised to produce user friendly promotional tools to aid Sales Reps to communicate the Enhanced Range with their customer base.
  • Marketing Planning and Strategy
  • Competitor Analysis (Numerical SWOT)
  • Branding
  • Campaign/CGI Imagery
  • Interactive App Development